Getting ready for Christmas

This year I've really enjoyed getting prepared for Christmas with the usual panic gone (that comes with trying to get everything sorted while working until right before Christmas). I've had so much more time to decorate the house and I even managed to  create five gingerbread houses... What a great mindfulness exercise 😉!

The beginning of this week was, however, just a bit chaotic because chaos is the only way to describe what happens in England every time it snows heavily. We found ourselves totally snowed in on our little farm, looking after all the horses and even the neighbour's cat - with other people stuck elsewhere. I even ended up lending some wellie boots and warm socks to a couple of people from the village, as their car got stuck  and they had to walk home across the snowy fields. 

Of course it was all a bit of fun too, especially for the kids building a snowman in Mandy's field. I enjoyed watching the silly horse dance around the strange looking snowy monster for couple of hours before finally mustering the courage to eat it's carrot nose 🙂.

Even with all this fun, I was massively relieved when the snow went away. Mostly because I was down to my last bale of hay and obviously all hay & feed deliveries were cancelled until the snow cleared. We could not even get our own 4x4 off the driveway. 

Well Christmas is almost here now and I am almost finished with all the preparations. I'm still not that lady who remembers to send everyone a Christmas card, but I'd say there's definitely been a massive improvement this year in my overall state of readiness.


  1. Looking lovely!! Hyvää joulua 😘

    1. Thank you :) Oikein hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!


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