Something to smile about

It's not been the best of summers. That's why I have not been blogging as much as I otherwise would have. All should be fine really with the building work over, kids are happy, husband too I think, horses are fine... But there has been a continuing cause of stress in my life that I care not to write about. Not now anyway. 

The thing about kids is that on a bad day they can really test you and make you feel pretty desperate. But then I find that in moments when it feels like there isn't  anything to feel good about, they still have that amazing ability to put a smile on your face.

My little girl returned to school this week and this is the first Friday it's just me and little man again. So it's quite nice to just fuss over him without the constant arguing over toys etc. with his big sis. 

During the last week of her summer hols, I took my young lady for a day out in town and despite the rain, we had such a great time. We went to Hamley's to "build a bear", met daddy for lunch and ice cream near Regent Street and then she insisted on riding a London double decker bus. 

It really was one of the highlights of her summer holiday to get a front seat at the top level of the number 25. She sat there exhilarated eating her candy cane, loving every minute. It could have been a pretty miserable day with non stop rain and the city looking all grey and gloomy, but no, it was just perfect.

Making these little people happy is just so easy that it really is something to smile about. And what could possibly be more important? So all is fine. I don't know yet what the future holds for the coming months, maybe more stress, maybe some changes. 

It really is so obvious that it kind of feels stupid to spell it out - yet it's also so easy to forget: when there are things around you that you cannot change, then you can always try changing yourself to improve things. For me, right now it means regocnising what's important and what not so much.


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