You only turn five once

This was my favourite (and quite possibly only substantial) project this summer: organising one little girl's birthday party. I have attended my fair share of children's parties and it seems there are always so many choices to make: should you have the party at home? Who should you invite? Should you get an entertainer? Games? Face painting? Balloons etc. etc.

In the end I decided to pray for good weather, get a bouncy castle, entertainer and serve all the food in the garden. The weather didn't let us down and everything went ok, except I don't think I'll ever be ordering macaroons again... I mean, who invented these cursed things? I paid a small fortune for them yet despite being extremely careful, they flattened as soon as I took them out of the box. 

But the main thing is that my little girl had a fun party. She didn't have to get upset either when it came to an end, because couple of families decided to camp in our garden overnight (so there was a bit of evening bbq fun for us adults too). I did offer my new, beautiful guest rooms to everyone, but there were no takers... 

The same thing happened this bank holiday weekend when my sister-in-laws family decided to camp in our garden. Perhaps I should just give up on decorating the house and start running a campsite? 


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