My favourite colours

The one thing that I have learned about decorating a house, is that it takes time. If you rush any decisions, you will most likely just end up regretting them. So it has take me a lot of time, but I am finally almost finished with one room! Lately I have been thinking a lot about colours and the effect they have on our feelings. When it comes to interiors, I have always preferred cooler shades to warm colours. 

In particular, light or greyish shades of blue and green are very calming to me. In terms of paints and fabrics, colour shades like "french grey" and "duck egg" are some of my favourites. 

I intended for this to be some kind of drawing room, but it has ended up being used as a living room or a snug. Whatever you call it, is is one of the most important rooms in the house. In this room, the children like to calm down in the evening with a bit of TV and a warm cup of milk. I love this new blue two-seater sofa we bought that seems to fit just perfectly in the corner.

Of course you need warmer colours too, because too much blue or grey can start to look sad or indifferent. My favourite way of adding warmth is through wooden surfaces. The guest bedroom in the loft is emerging as a sort of contrast between cool white and warm wood. Pretty much all the pieces of furniture in this room have been sourced from an antique outlet in Suffolk, known as my in-laws garage ;)

As I am writing a post about colours and feelings, I have to include the pictures I took of one of our horsey tenants this morning while walking in the fields. The coat of this horse is a constant source of joy in my daily life. It changes through the seasons, ranging from orange dapples in the spring to a sort of yellow gold in the autumn. This morning after the rain, it was a completely new shade again. Some horses are just like large, living canvases for mother nature's art.


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