Harmony and beautiful details

Given that I am only half way through decorating my own house, it is really inspiring to visit homes that are complete with carefully chosen furniture and beautiful details. 
We had a lovely overnight stay at my sisters house in Finland, involving walks in the forest and around local landmarks, such as these castle ruins shown in the pictures. 
For the children, the most fun was playing with my sister's dogs (as we have none of our own). For me, coming to Finland is always about seeing family and friends but also about a state of tranquility that comes with being surrounded by huge lakes and forests. 
My sister has put in a lot of effort in decorating her house over the past few years and it has really paid off. It reminded me of how nice it is to be in a house where every room has been carefully thought out. All pieces of furniture have found their rightful places, creating a sense of harmony together with beautiful colours and eye-catching details everywhere. 
I'm really inspired with new ideas to try back home.


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