Happy Friday

This morning we woke up not just to a somewhat confusing election result, but these frequent visitors under my bedroom window. The horses have moved in the back field again and the deer don't waste any time making their move. If you are wondering about the hat, it is "cowboys and indians" -day at school today. Oh I do love these last minute curve balls from the teachers (more like it's my own fault for not reading the school bag correspondence more promptly). Somehow we managed to magic a cow girl costume out of thin air.

Just to make things a bit more difficult she was insisting to have a lasso to go with her outfit. So I quickly darted to the stables and grabbed Mandy's lead rope, which did the job beautifully. Yep, mummy's still got it ;)

That is, the past three years of only watching Cbeebies and Peppa Pig have not completely eroded my brain activity. I can still work under pressure and respond quickly to a challenge requiring innovative parenting skills. Once upon a time I had a PhD (in politics of all things) but it is difficult to know how to comment on the situation here in the UK this morning (or maybe that's just me finding this all a bit confusing. Damn you Cbeebies!)

Anyway, this week has certainly been enough to raise my stress levels after returning from Greece oh so relaxed. So I am going to just take it easy now. The weekend is close and I just love Fridays when I get to spend some 1:1 time with my little man, while my little girl's at school. This morning we have been playing with mummy's hair styling equipment, as shown in the below bathroom selfie. If I manage to hang up these paintings in the bedroom after he wakes up from his nap, I will call this day a great success and officially start the weekend.


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