Beautiful Kefalonia

This has been by far the best holiday I have ever been to with the kids. The Greek island of Kefalonia is so lovely that everything here is just perfect - apart from the wifi connection - which is why I have not been blogging my a** off, like I thought I would be doing with a whole week off work.

Apart from seeing that movie "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", I didn't know anything about Kefalonia before but it really has proven to be an amazing place for a family break. There are lots of beaches with crystal clear waters and it's so peaceful, sometimes we are the only people in the whole beach.

I have been a huge lover of Greece ever since we first came here on our honeymoon to the island of Santorini. But Kefalonia is just so lush and colourful with green forests, flowers and butterflies all around. The flowers are obviously favoured by bees and we have been consuming the local honey in abundance every day (I am a huge fan of Greek yogurt).

The food in general is ideal for a pescetarian diet like mine. In particular, I've been enjoying the local sea bass and, of course, Greek salad. Every night we've taken the kids out for a meal with us by the marina.

It's been a different sort of holiday and a first for us. By that I mean we've spent every second together with the kids. We booked a three bedroom villa originally thinking that it might not be just the four of us. In the end there's been no grandparents, no babysitters and not even a crèche anywhere, but it's been just brilliant.

Here are a couple of shots from this week (more on Instagram paivi_allen) 



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