Finally a staircase with no stair-gates

This is what happens when you combine traditional Victorian with a bit of Scandinavian Art ;) After my pre-renovation experience with stair-gates, I was so pleased to be rid of those plaster-tearing, plastics monstrosities that are the necessary evil in most new parents' homes. Thank goodness my son has finally mastered the stairs!

The staircase was completely re-done as part of our renovation project and it is now one of my favorite spaces in the whole house. Originally we fantasized about a huge, modern staircase, but in the end went with something much more traditional and in-keeping with the age of the house. This wall-cloth is a hand-made piece I brought from Finland years ago, I'm so glad to finally have a space for it.

In the staircase leading from first floor to the loft, I wanted to leave some of the original brickwork exposed. This I hope will provide a nice background for the right art piece - when I eventually find something suitable. The new playroom is in the loft and hence this bit of the stairs is in constant use by the kids.

In the interest of doing some DIY as part of this project, I recently sanded and painted the original floorboards in my daughter's room. I like the contrast of brown and white and intend to repeat this on the first floor landing one of these weekends...

After the exhausting renovation project, I have so been looking forward to a bit of decorating. Yet one weekend after another seems to go by without me making much progress with it. It still feels a bit like eating an elephant, so my plan is to take small bites and update blog accordingly :)


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