What have I learnt from laminitis so far?

My favorite picture from this winter - it's goodbye to muddy riding for a while now!

I had to stop blogging for the winter with work and the (finally completed) house building project totally draining me. Picking it up again now, in the first instance to keep record of Mandy's health. She has had a terrific winter, returning back to full work after a sudden attack of laminitis last summer.

I've spent a lot of time trying to understand why my 17-year-old mare, who has always had 100% super feet, would suddenly come down with laminitis. I've spent even more time feeling guilty. Was it my desperate efforts of trying to get her in foal? Was it the stress of her field companion moving? Or was it just me being too busy with the kids, work and a building project?

Maybe it was all of the above. Either way, I have decided to draw a line under it and focus on what happens next. Mandy's been on restricted grazing since March, I am soaking her hay every day and trying to maintain a regular exercise routine.

Reading my old blog posts helps me to reflect on my own (poor) judgement. Buying another horse... what was I thinking?? Right now I need to focus on simplifying my life, drawing breath and making sure I have time to enjoy this wonderful horse I am lucky to still have.

After a weekend of 25 degrees sunshine I am feeling relaxed and optimistic. I know now there is life after laminitis and I believe that life can be good too ;)


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