Easter weekend

Easter is my favorite time in the year. Spring is in the air and flowers are coming through all over the garden. With the building work finally complete it was nice to have some time off work to start decorating rooms. I am loving my new walk-in wardrobe, although organising the clothes seems to take forever. Before fully tackling the chaos, I just had to start with heels & cocktail dresses... so pleased to be re-united with these old favorites that have been packed away in boxes for ages.

On Sunday I prepared my (now traditional) Easter egg hunt. Despite the less than promising weather forecast we had a lovely, mostly sunshine filled egg hunt with 17 kids darting around the garden. Part of the fun is decorating the egg baskets and filling the house with tulips and daffodils :)

... and of course there had to be some time for a bank holiday hack. The forest is so pretty and full of bluebells at the moment!


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