"This horse won't have any effect on your life at all" - quite possibly the dumbest thing I ever said

Lovely riding out Sunday morning despite rain...
I went to see this little horse on Saturday and I got that dangerous "meant to be" -feeling. Like I did with Mandy 12 years ago.

Must have been obvious from my face too when I got home. Husband had series of rational arguments prepared as to why this is not the right time.

I tried to remind him of the loveliness of horses by taking him for a hack on one our liveries. Any advantage gained by the lovely ride, however, was undone by Mandy stepping on his foot that evening.

Reminding him of the pain in the ass -side of horses.

If I could take back any stupid thing I have said in my lifetime, it would be this comment I made when buying Mandy. My husband (back then boyfriend) had some doubts, so I reassured him: "Look, this horse won't have any effect on your life at all".

Yep that one has most definitely come back to bite me on more than few occasions. Now, 12 years down the line when (after a long day at the office) he has to go down a muddy field to fix a broken waterdrinker... I hear it every time: "..any effect on your life at all..."

So in a way, that stupid thing I once said, has forever wiped out the possibility of me building a rational & trustworthy case for us buying another equine. If you look at that together with my latest bank statement and some other facts and figures (such as: I have two children aged under 4 and I work 4 days a week) - you might say only a real idiot would buy a second horse in my situation.

Or, you might look at this this way: there is never really a rational argument for buying a horse. It's all about going with your feelings. I just have a bit more ground to cover before I get the other half on board.


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