Looking for that dream equestrian property?

Mandy enjoying her paddock one beautiful September morning.

I have a little something to say about searching for, and ultimately getting, your dream equestrian property.

Yes, I can honestly say I live in the house of my dreams. I can also tell you that it was an absolutely nightmare finding it. And, buying it was an even bigger nightmare. About 16 months of enduring an auction process and some 35 mortgage applications later, we finally signed our names on the dotted line. The solicitor shook our hands and said: “and now, your real work may begin”. Suddenly the great moment of triumph turned into feeling like I was about to throw up. At this stage I had a 6 month old baby, a horse, and a mostly absent husband. I was feeling pretty damn exhausted. And I was about to embark on a major renovation project.

That was over three years ago. This summer we are extending our house to add extra another four rooms and by Christmas, the whole mega-project is approaching completion. In between signing on that dotted line and now, a lot has happened. On the horsey side of things, we’ve completed the stable blocks, fenced all the paddocks and secured planning for a full size menage. My mare Mandy is still enjoying her 12 x 16 ft stable alone, as after numerous attempts to get her in foal I’ve given up. I’ve had her since a filly and this spring she suddenly came down with laminitis.

Horsey stuff aside, I now also have two kids and I’m back to work in London. Life is pretty full-on, but yet all I can think about is getting another horse… 


  1. Beautiful paddock! Yes, Mandy definitely needs a friend. :)

    1. Thank you and yep I'm desperate to get another horse :) Updates to follow...


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