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A very French August

I’ve spent most of the month just gone touring around France. Started off with a ferry from Portsmouth to Saint-Malo and then driving to Carnac. Brittany is just lovely, everywhere you look you’ll see the most amazing hortensias and you are never more than two feet away from a creperie. 
We stayed for over a week in this region of France, really enjoying the exceptionally hot weather. Suddenly with no commitments and all the time in the world to splash in swimming pools and beaches, the hot weather didn’t feel so unbearable anymore. 
As the weather cooled down in Brittany, we headed a bit more south, to the bicycle paradise island of Ile de Re. I cant remember the last time I actually got on a bike and had totally forgotten how much fun it can be - especially when you are cycling past beautiful vineyards and beaches. 
It was a truly magical summer break we had in France. In addition to the swimming and cycling, I managed to do quite a few nice long runs too. Thanks to the brilliant “kids…

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