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Places, people and my Helsinki experience

I visit Finland 2-3 times every year to meet my family and friends. Last week, over the Easter school holidays, I took my daughter to Finland for a week and we had a truly fantastic time. Rather than flying straight to the region in Eastern Finland up North where I come from, we stopped by in Helsinki for the weekend. And what a lovely weekend it was, topped by seeing the bears in Helsinki Zoo that have just woken up from their winter sleep - and catching up with some of my favorite friends and relatives.

I lived in Helsinki for five years and I have some happy memories from that period of my life. But it was never the time of my life. Helsinki can be an unwelcoming place for a straight-out-of-high-school-girl with a strong regional accent that has just hopped out of a train from Northern Finland. Not helped by the fact that I came there to pursue a degree that perhaps was never quite the right choice of subject for me, I often felt a bit lost, bored and lonely. Surrounded by overbea…

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