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My new retro living room

Even though we are still spending most of our family time in the “old” living room (probably because it has the TV and the fireplace) - this sitting room in the new part of the house is finally getting more use too. It didn’t have any furniture for a long time, but I’ve finally made some good progress with it. The spirit of the room is altogether different to the more traditionally furnished rooms, with a very 1960’s feel to it. 
We are still looking for the right record player but the rest of the currently existing music system is resting on this vintage sideboard, that despite its old age is in pretty good condition. The old-style posters provide a nice link to our local area focusing on the beauty of Epping Forest. A selection of these lovely pictures are available from Trasport for London. 
I went for a white leather sofa in the false hope that this material would be indestructible, even for the kids. Unfortunately they have already managed to scrape a mark or two on it that I seem …

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