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A fun Irish weekend

I got on a plane this weekend, by myself and flew to Cork in Ireland. You forget just how easy air travel can be when it’s just with yourself and there’s no kids to worry about. Yes it was St. Patrick’s day, but the reason for my long overdue visit was to meet up with one of my dearest friends. I also wanted to prove my husband wrong, as he has repeatedly said that this re-union would never happen - given that me and my friend are the two least organised people he has ever met in his life. Well, it did finally happen and we had such a great time! Maybe I should get myself organised more often...
Yes Ireland is just beautiful and the people are so friendly (so you can totally believe all that stuff they say in the tourist brochures). I’ve only been to Dublin before, so I was really looking forward to seeing some of the more rural parts. First day we did a bit of hiking and I got to discover some amazing views. 
The second day the weather turned really cold, but it was just as well becaus…

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