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Summer garden fun

This summer has just gone by without anything really happening - and I've really appreciated that for a change. Just simple days, filled with doing very simple things. For the second time this summer I made the trip across the river to Kent and enjoyed the picturesque scenery there. This time the destination was Leeds Castle.

Walking around Kent in spring or summer always makes it easy to understand why the county has been called the "garden of England". In April I visited Down House, the former home of Charles Darwin. The gardens there are also worth a visit.

Besides being a fantastic place for a day out with the kids, Leeds Castle is also a popular wedding venue. The rooms were being prepared for another wedding during our visit and I took some pictures of the amazing flower installations. What an absolutely beautiful place to get married. I am a huge fan of weddings (I started planning my own one years before there was any hint of a proposal ;)

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