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Back to plats

I haven’t been blogging for a while, for no particular reason. Another thing I haven’t done for an even longer while is had plats in my hair. I had totally forgotten how nice they can be. All the hair off your face, day and night and at the end of it you get some good curls too 😊
I’ve never been one make much effort with my hair. To be honest I really just can’t be bothered with it. I don’t dye it or blow dry it. I have it cut when I absolutely have to and I wash it just once a week (sometimes less often). 
So when I read an article in a fashion magazine recently about how to achieve the “natural looking wavy curls” favoured by many celebrities these days, I was a bit surprised. Apparently you’re meant to wash your hair, give it a quick comb while it’s wet and then just leave it. 
This is pretty much what I have been doing all my life. My “hair routine” is basically to wash the hair, comb the knots out and then just get on with something else. I let it dry a bit before going to bed (you…

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