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Just relaxing in Cornwall

This half term I wanted to have a nice break without leaving the country. Turns out it is perfectly possible to achieve an amazing holiday experience without leaving good old England.
With small kids there is always a significant degree of stress that comes with leaving the country even for one week. Getting to the airport on time, sorting all your suitcases, feeling nervous about whether the local milk or food available in your arrival destination is going to accepted by the kids - especially when you got a couple of fussy ones like mine.
So this time around I wanted to try an easier approach. At first, heading to Cornwall for half term week does not seem like the easy way out. It involves getting on the motorway like every other schmuck who had the same idea - and a four hour car journey easily turns into a seven hour one with a bit of traffic. That’s precisely what happened to us on the way there. But I can honestly say that what was waiting for us at the end was worth every frust…

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