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What would Gareth Southgate teach our children?

These days we all think we know a little bit about what #GarethSouthgateWould. There have been thousands of tweets about how Gareth Southgate would bottle feed injured birds, give you a lift to the airport and always know which day to put the bins out after a bank holiday.

In truth, of course, none of us really know what Gareth Southgate would do. Like the time my husband was cornered by a persistent stalker in a West London shop and asked: “if you were Gareth Southgate, would you tell me?” A question that I believe even the real England Manager might have been puzzled by.
I’ve followed Gareth Southgate’s career closely, because my husband does bear an almost uncanny resemblance to him. I could tell so many stories about this. How for years we went to our regular Indian restaurant on the Isle of Dogs as Mr. and Mrs. Southgate, because in the end it was easier than continuing protesting: “no, there’s no relation”. How one time in an airport in Portugal, an acquaintance of ours mistook…

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